Newsworthy Moments

A media moment for Birkbeck today. I was sitting in my kitchen with half an ear to the radio, when I heard a familiar name.
Orlando Figes, Professor of History at Birkbeck, was discussing the removal of Mary Seacole from the National Curriculum. I had a ‘yay, that’s my university’ moment.

(Mini back story, assisted by Times) Michael Gove said children were leaving school with a sub-standard knowledge of their country’s past, so the school curriculum is being revamped. It’s all about kings and wars in Britain now. Personally I got a fair amount of heavily British history at school myself. I only knew of the existence of other countries because I read books. I think we lose a lot by extracting figures like Seacole, Nightingale and Fry from the National Curriculum. History is Britain-and-male skewed sufficiently already.

Philip Davies, a Conservative MP, told The Mail on Sunday that the changes to the curriculum would make children “proud of their country”.
Full Times article.
Express article.
Orlando Figes on twitter.
Listen to all of the radio programme here. The related part is towards the end.

Have a good term, all.