Part time is easy…

I was about to try and get some sleep in between points of essay panic, but I became distracted. Not that this is a surprise, of course…

I saw the following tweet on twitter:
“i really wanna get into birkbeck because it means night classes, starts in october, and only 4 classes per week”

Four classes a week. Picture your week. Take out, say, Saturday and Sunday nights as the weekend. Remove four other nights from your week. These are your for class nights. You have one night left. Now find 10-20 hours per week for your home study time. Consider that you probably can’t use your days, because you’re: (pick all that apply)
Working full-time.
Taking care of someone/s who demand/a your full attention.
Doing housework.
Taking care of yourself.

Think about how tired you may be on your average evening. Think about how you will feel after an extra three hours of class, plus commute, on top of your regular tiredness. Think about what you’re giving up. Hobbies, friends, time with your family, watching TV… What is it you currently do with those 10-20 + commute + 12 hours, each week? How would you cope without those hours?

Evening classes aren’t an easy ride. If you don’t want to be one of those people who attend the first few classes and then disappear, you need dedication. You need determination. You need to really want to do this. The ‘only four classes’ mentality won’t get you far.