Election Time

Yes, we are having elections again. By-elections this time. Just letting you know, internet. So, we’re already into the voting days I’m afraid. I’ve been feeling ill and not been able to go on about these elections as much as I should have done. Hope some Birkbeck people will read this. Voting is at http://www.birkbeckelections.com until noon on Thursday 22nd.

My manifesto:

I am currently in the second year of my BA in Arts & Humanities at Birkbeck. I’ve been involved in the Students’ Union from the start, last year as Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism Officer and currently as Disabled Members’ Officer. This is an executive role, meaning more meetings and training which I find helpful. I spend more time than ever at Birkbeck or corresponding with students and other officers offsite. Participating in student activities is very important to me and I am concerned with student issues and having the voice of the student population heard. I would very much like to further my involvement in student issues by attending the national NUS conference. My presence at conference would help me continue to build existing networks with officers at local and national unions. Learning from contact with fellow officers is particularly crucial in the under-represented four liberation campaigns. I identify into LGBT and Women’s liberation groups – as well as my own Disabled Members Campaign – and serve on the related committees here at Birkbeck Students’ Union.

I am particularly interested in the NUS National Conference, as it is larger and more all-encompassing than the individual smaller conferences (Women’s, LGBT, etc). I attended NUS Women’s Conference in 2012, and found it inspiring. I would like to hear about and learn from the perspectives of a wide range of students, as well as making contact with students and officers who have commonalities with us at Birbeck. The journey and overnight stay involved in conferences also means teamwork, which is a constant and constructive process between the four delegates who go together. I feel strongly that anyone representing Birkbeck on the national stage must do so appropriately, know our union thoroughly, and return from conferences with valuable lessons to impart to council.


Hustings probably Monday 19th from 9pm, but I’ll edit to confirm.


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